Friday, March 6, 2009

coffee pot with fish sprigs

I have just put a thin coat of slip on this pot that I assembled yesterday. The pot is about 13 inches high and could be used for coffee, tea, or festive libations! I have decorated each side with a fish.

Some time ago I made some stoneware fish moulds for a friend who wanted to make little fish out of very thick quince jelly. I had one or two moulds left over, so I thought it would be fun to make sprigs to decorate some pots with. I'm not sure if they are really appropriate decoration for a coffee pot, but life is more fun if some things are unexpected! The little fish seem to have joined on to the pot OK, I was a bit concerned that they might be hard to join on properly, but everything went easier than I thought it would.

I'm off to do some glazing. We have the studio open to the public this weekend. We normally do on the first weekend of each month. This month it was hard to work out what the first weekend was, because of how the dates fell.

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