Saturday, April 10, 2010

Exhibition at Gallery On Blueskin is Going Well!

A pot from the last firing before the exhibition, it is 400mm high.

On Thursday evening we had the opening of my exhibition of crystal glazed pots at Gallery on Blueskin, Waitati, near Dunedin. As can be imagined from previous posts, and my silence for the last few days, it was a very busy period getting the work ready for the exhibition.

Pots have to be chipped off their stands after glaze firing. Crystal glazes are runny!

Sorting out which pots to send to the exhibition was a bit of a challenge. I found that the best way was to put all the pots together on our old post office counter, and arrange them in colour groups. The effect of so many pots together like that was rather horrid, but as I progressively remove pots that appeared not to fit in for one reason or another, I began to see that I did have an exhibition after all. I was surprised with how many pots I had managed to fire and was able to select 29 of them for the show.

I hate pricing work, and I was exhausted. Poor Louise, who runs the gallery, had to cope with my dithering and negativity as she sorted out the prices. She gave me a coffee, and made me sit on a chair, and made a good job of it in spite of me, and the pots that seem to be selling are mostly in the middle to upper middle price range so far, which probably indicates that they are priced about right.

Louise also arranged the work, and put up two displays of some macro photographs I have taken of the glazes. Nicky, who also works at the gallery, did the catering for the opening, and Laura and I are very thankful for her efforts with that, she did a great job, and it took a big load off our shoulders.

The opening was lovely and we were well supported by friends who made the effort to turn up on a cold autumnal feeling evening. I usually feel a bit nervous at openings, but there seemed to be a very positive and happy feeling about this one, that made it enjoyable. There is not a lot of crystal glazing going on around here, and people were very curious about the process, and I answered lots of questions throughout the evening.

I was pleased to see the exhibition mentioned in the Otago Daily Times, and their reviewer also visited the gallery before the opening to look at the work so we are expecting something about it in the paper later in the week. Bill Campbell, who runs the East Otago Review newspaper in Palmerston almost single handed, also attended the opening and took photos. Bill does a terrific job of collecting and publishing local news stories, and is the hardest working man that I know, so I always am hugely thankful when he makes the effort to turn up to an evening opening when he probably should be enjoying a well deserved rest in front of the fire.

I took my camera to the gallery with the intention of getting some photos of the opening, but was too busy talking to people and answering questions about the work to take photos until after people had gone home. I filmed a short video clip, and I have added some still photos to it to include all the pieces at the exhibition as a little slide show. The quality of the video won't be that great on line, but I hope it gives an impression of the exhibition to those of you who would have liked to have been there.

I am looking forward to getting back to more work soon. I really want to do some throwing on the wheel, and have some bigger pieces in mind.

Also from the last firing, this pot is 345mm high.


ang said...

very nice work peter those crystal glazes are just out there! and congrats on the sales it can be the most testing time pricing work and all that cleaning up of the glaze runs well done..

Angie said...

Loved the video and the maritime music ...always felt the crystals reminded me of under the sea ...the bass vibrated through my computer desk though lol.

That first pot is gorgeous l love the earth tones ...not that they aren't all amazing. The one I was interested in, previously ( with a design in relief) looks as though you have discarded it on to the back bench.

As for the reward ...just accept it if you have no time ....or pass it on when ever you do have time ...even if its just a couple of fav bloggers .... no rush ever ...I take ages too.

Tracey Broome said...

Beautiful exhibition, Peter, I know you worked hard getting there. Happy sales!!!

Armelle said...

Bravo, what a beautiful show, I wish you good sales !!!

Best wishes

Christine H S said...

Phew, quite a show, no wonder you haven't had time to blog so much. It looks great and I enjoyed the video AND music. Pricing is awful but it sounds as though you must have got it about right. It is so easy to undervalue, I think we all do that. (I usually need some external help/moral support). Glad you survived the roof drama by the way, it sounded like that scene from 'Far from the Madding Crowd', but Gabriel Oak,( Peter), triumphed.

Peter said...

Hi Ang,
Mmm, busy time all right, and cleaning up glaze runs should qualify me to be a dentist (all that abrading of porcelain!). They tell me that dentistry is better paid than potting, so it could be a tempting move!!

Hello Angie,
I didn't realise I would be sending good vibrations as far as Scotland with my music! Sorry about the bass, no problems on my computer, but maybe yours has more powerful speakers!! I think I know the pot that you are missing, the one with the relief work on it. Very nearly fired it in time for the exhibition, I had it glazed, but it just wouldn't fit in the kiln with the 3 other big pots. Hope to do another firing of crystal glazed work very soon (I have probably 2 or 3 firings worth of pots still on my shelves) so I will no doubt fire the one you mention.

Thanks about the reward too... something will emerge soon!!

Thanks Tracey,
I'm looking forward to getting my hands in the clay again. Exhibitions are funny things as they really get life out of balance with all the pressure. The kick wheel will be good therapy!

Merci Armelle,
It was good to have managed to have made enough pots for the exhibition, and nice to see them at the gallery.
à plus!

"Far from the Madding Crowd" is quite apt for where we live Christine! It is comforting to know that I am not the only one to find pricing nightmarish. It certainly does help to have some objective assistance with it. Glad that you enjoyed the video and music, it was fun combining images and sound. The music comes from a much longer piece that I did some years back now (when I was going through a mad composer stage!!!), and it was nice to find a use for it.

Dad said...

What a great variety you've got there Peter! Should suit a broad spectrum of potential purchasers!
There looks to be potential in your blue + green combos, though having said that we love the depths you've achieved in some of what looks like blue on black.
There's a really lovely pale green pot too - but perhaps my favorite is the very first one (pre video). Very appropriate for autumn.

Peter said...

Thanks Dad,

Glad that you have been able to see some of the exhibition via this newfangled technology! I like that first pot too, I am wanting to explore further that glaze, and also work more on that scale.

Linda Starr said...

What wonderful work Peter and you have worked so hard, here's hoping sales go very well for you. I wasn't able to get the video to work, my new location I have to change to cable as wireless is non existant here slower than dialup unfortunately. I too am partial to the first one, wish I could see them all in person as I know they are ever so much better than a photo can do them justice.

Linda Starr said...

Oh I just got the video to work; just lovely pieces Peter, I especially like the bowls and one more pot with that top glaze on it; it is smaller and round. the bowl with the silver center is great too, so many great crystals.

Peter said...

Hi Linda,
I'm glad you were able to get the video to work in the end (thanks for persisting). I feel slightly guilty about posting video, because I know that some of us have trouble with slow connections, but video does seem to be able to give an idea of size of work and the place it is in more effectively sometimes than still photos do. Some of the bowls in the exhibition have an interesting 3D look to them too, because the crystals seem to be floating in space just above the surface of the bowl. I'll have to supply 3D glasses!!

Amy said...

wow... big pieces with great glazing!

Peter said...

Thanks Amy, nice to hear from you.

Pat - Arkansas said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! I loved the video! Thank you!

The pots are magnificient (I could easily stare into the mesmerizing depths of the crystal glazes and become lost for ever). I also discovered from the video that you are a composer/musician. Marvelous! Our Creator does seem to bestow multiple gifts upon those who will use them.

Hugs from (now) already steamy Arkansas. An early summer is upon us.

Peter said...

Dear Pat,
Good to hear from you. Hugs happily accepted from steamy Arkansas, especially as Jack Frost has started to breathe his chill into the still of the night here! Music... mmmm, I have dabbled in a number of things, (and am a master of none!),but the dabbling has been fun and has enriched life.

Linda Starr said...

Hi Peter, hope all is going well at the show and you are selling lots of pots. when you get a chance check into my blog for an award and see the previous post with a shot of some tiles with crystals which reminded me of your work.

Peter said...

Linda, thank you so much.