Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Message from Ginger

Others of my kind reside with bank managers, teachers of algebra, collectors of taxes, butchers, bakers, and dentists, but I live with artists (or should I say... "artistes"). Now, the thing about artists, is that they look and smell, for the most part, quite like other members of the human species. Sometimes they try to differentiate themselves with eccentric garments, or strange arrangements of their head fur, but it is their day to day living that sets them apart.

Some of you, I hope, may be aware, that the feline family generally favours routine, and order. We prefer our humans to feed us at certain times, and not to fiddle around with our food too much. We select our sleeping places with care to make the best use of the sun. Humans may talk endlessly about being "Green" and conserving energy, but we have always made use of solar power and good insulation.

A problem with human artists is that they often frequent cold buildings with leaky roofs and bad drains, they have little sense of time and order, and suffer from unpredictable moods. Sometimes they work all hours of the day and night, maybe for weeks at a time, other times they stop, and walk around listlessly and complain about "the white fog", "carrying the black dog", or "block".

We felines do our best to teach them better habits, and lead them to a healthier way of living. Sleep, eat, sleep, eat, exercise, groom, sleep, meditate with purring, and so on.... If only they would take notice!!!.....but they still over exert themselves, and end up paying the price!

I am writing this, because I notice that he hasn't got round to updating his blog for such a long time and he feels so bad about that now that he doesn't know how to start it again! He is mostly OK, but really did wear himself out with work for the last exhibition that he had. He muttered a bit about "white fog" and spent hours in front of computers installing and installing Linux operating systems, and forgetting to exercise!

This "fog" lifted recently,

and it was with some alarm that I noticed a huge, two person bush saw being taken from a dusty corner of the studio, and I spied a red faced unfit man sawing down trees outside, sometimes with help from Laura, other times he sawed and chopped on his own.

There is talk amongst the artists of a "shed"..., what ever that is, and there is an area of fairly level ground being made ready for it. So far there is no sign of the "shed", but he keeps listening for it and walking to the back gate. I wonder what colour fur the shed will have and if it will bark or if it will purr? It seems odd to me that it would want to stand outside on muddy ground, when there is a sunny windowsill inside, but... sheds are probably strange creatures like artists. There is no accounting for their taste!

That's all from me for now,



Linda Starr said...

Hi Peter, after all these months, I have finally gotten a pot of yours which I purchased rom the Clay and Blogs show and just posted, about. It was stored at Meredith's house and broght to me by Michele and Jeff so we didn't have to spend the fuel travelig there. We are all in the end, it seems, tryingto survive. Hope all is well with Laura and you and the cats and all those trying to survive in the necessities of daily life.

Pat - Arkansas said...

Meow miou prrr meough, Ginger. (Thank you for writing, Ginger) Please tell your man human to take it easy on that tree cutting and shed building stuff.

I liked the photos of you, and I presume, Nigella Stopit wandering about. What an interesting place you have in which to explore.

Write again any time. Squeak, Missy and Sweetie Pie said to tell you they are envious of your outside activities.

cookingwithgas said...

It is a good thing that those people have you around to keep them Straight. Without you who knows what kind of things would go wrong.
Keep your eye on them and keep coaxing them back.
Try little treats for good behavior- I think they could be trained.

Judy Shreve said...

Thanks for the update Ginger! :)

Arkansas Patti said...

Loved hearing from you Ginger. Don't feel badly having artists for campanions. At least they let you out to explore cool places.
Our companion will not even let us out of the house. Something about the neighbor's pit bulls that enjoy eating cats. Hope that shed thing doesn't have teeth. Then you might become an indoor only cat also.
Enjoy your freedom and ignore the irregular meal times.
Best wishes from Mickey and Minnie.

Armelle said...

Hey le Gingembre,
Hope you are fine, sorry I am not on your kind, anyway I have to tell you : on Sunday, something happens and now there are two little babies very close to me. They eat, sleep, and crawl, and recently, dream, they grew by one third in four days, and Armelle spends her time watching them instead of throwing on the wheel.
Gigi and Gügüs are ginger now, soon they will turn russet, I mean.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I did to Miko, sorry.
Oh, say hello to Peter, Laura and NS

Peter said...

Hello Linda,
I've managed to take over the keyboard from Ginger long enough to say Hi, and a big thank you to you! It is so nice to think of the pot staying with you, and Ginger is very thankful for your part in keeping him well fed! Good that it was able to be delivered to you. Will you get to see the Crystal Glaze exhibition at Dunedin in your part of the world?

Meeow, Squeak, Missy, Sweetie Pie, and Pat! Nice to hear from you. Yes, that was Nigella Stopit following me through the jungle... she is like a shadow that follows me everywhere! Today she jumped on my head to surprise me, whilst I was hiding under a tarpaulin waiting to surprise her! There is a funny looking almost flat thing in the drive that they call a shed, but I think it will need feeding before it grows to its full size. They seem rather busy at the moment trying to get its home ready....

Hi Meredith,
I do try to bring them treats to encourage good behaviour, but they don't seem to appreciate the rats and mice that I bring them. I even try to hide them under the chair in the kitchen sometimes, where they will find them as a special surprise... but they just take them outside and bury them. I did hear that dogs bury things... are humans dogs too??

Nice of you to call by Judy, Peter loves what you have been doing with your paintings and the lovely new things you are making. Very inspirational!

Meeows to Mickey and Minnie, and Patti too.. I think the shed is sleeping, and I haven't seen its teeth yet. It doesn't have much fur (and neither does its owner!). I hope it doesn't bark... I'm not afraid of anything, well... not really, but things that wag and bark do make my hair stand on end! Sorry to read that you have pit bulls next door...

Bonjour et Meeow...Armelle, Miko, Gigi, and Gügüs! How lovely to have the new ones in the family. So little when they start out and then they grow so fast! It is no wonder that Armelle spends her time watching.
Happy Purrings to you all,
le M. Gingembre et la petit Mdm. Stopit!