Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Shed has Nine Legs.... I've Counted Them!

Mice have four legs. Rats have four legs. Cats have four legs. Sheds have nine legs... I've counted them!

I don't know how it will run, or even walk! Honestly it is bad enough with four legs, trying to get them to move in the right order. I feel sorry for the shed really, it just stands in one spot all day under the trees, and the rain keeps falling down. I do hope that it doesn't start to sneeze, or catch pneumonia, or something worse!

They say that the shed is finished now, outside anyway.

At the end of some days, when it was dark... and he still was hammering nails, I did have my doubts that it would ever be finished. There were moments too, when things seemed to go really wrong.

I know that one is not supposed to laugh... but, the funniest was when I saw him try to get on the roof to put the nails in, and the new, very thin roofing iron would not take his weight... not even half his weight..., and the metal started to crumple like an aluminium can! Now that was funny.., well, I thought so, but I am used to roofs and climbing trees, and I don't weigh as much as he does.

And there was a time when some of the timber just would not fit....

He changed things a lot, particularly the roof structure, but now it is done, and they seem proud of it.

I saw them sitting in it this evening, sharing a small glass of port, whilst outside the rain was pouring down. They are very pleased that there are no leaks.

They assure me that the shed will be insulated and lined, and that he will make some windows in a little while when the timber has dried out some more.

If it stops raining tomorrow, there is talk of them building something else..., what it is, we will just have to see, but there was a fresh pile of timber in the drive today!

I know that he is also busy making tiles... I think that he will write something about them soon. He did unload some test tiles from the kiln yesterday morning, and had some interesting results.

Anyway, I had better sign off now, and go hunting for some rats and mice!
Best Wishes from Ginger.

(Photos by Laura and Peter... text by Ginger the Cat!)


Armelle said...

Hi Peter,
Hope the shed will not run too far away with its nine legs. Thank you to Ginger to tell us the story. I was reading again your posts about tiles and Chün glazes, and shiste slips and glazes, how nice !!!
And thank you again to share.
Here the roses are open now, and some ants raise aphids, a little too close to the rosebush.
My four legs family is fine.
Best wishes to yours and to Laura

Angie said...

Hi Ginger ...thanks for keeping us up to speed on the shed really are an ace reporter .... I do hope the shed does not try to run xx

Peter said...

Hi Armelle and Angie,
Happy to report that the shed is standing quite still ... at the moment..., and is not looking all that athletic. I would hate to see it practising for a marathon, as I would find it hard to keep up! Anyway, Ginger and Nigella have had an exciting day today as there is more building going on, and some very large trees have been cut down (by an expert.. not me!). Armelle, it sounds like nature is busy in your garden, in ours it is getting nearly time for winter and the garden to have a little sleep! It will be nice to see roses opening, but aphids do like them too much I fear!
I will pass on both of your best wishes to Ginger.. the ace reporter! (He is good isn't he!!).

Sorry that you may have had difficulty posting comments this time, I don't know what is going on with the blog, but it does seem a bit buggy at the moment.

Kind Thoughts, P xx

Linda Starr said...

Oh Ginger, they are really busy bees aren't they and now they're going to build something else too. Bet you can hide under that shed and catch mice that might take up lodging under there, please keep us posted with the new structure and those tiles and glaze results, I am anxious to read about it and say hi to Peter,Laura and your partner in crime.

Christine said...

I sat with my mouse ( but didn’t eat her)
While the new shed developed a teeter
But there’s now no incline
Due to legs numbering nine
To the joy of my friend potter Peter

Peter said...

Meeow Linda,
The shed is quite good for keeping rain off my head! So far I haven't found mice under there as yet, but I live in hope... in the mean time I do my best to disguise myself as a tenth shed leg. I saw Peter taking photos of the tiles today... in the rain! I think he will post something about them soon... Ahh, good news..., Nigella is outside so I can have the electric heater all to my self now!

Hi Christine,
Thank you so much for your masterful limerick, a real treasure, it has given us a laugh all day! I shall print it out and put it in pride of place on the shed wall!
P :)

Arkansas Patti said...

Great job reporting Ginger and you handle a camera quite well with no opposable thumbs.
If they won't let you in that cool shed, no reason why you can't hang out underneath.
Can't wait to see what that new pile of lumber is for.

ang said...

love the red roof and the nine legs :P so whats going to happen on the inside???? working, storing, firing???? it's a mighty shed....but wait there's more ??!!!!

Angie said...

Just poped back to say that a temporary post from you has shown up but nothing happens when I click on it ???????????

Peter said...

Hi Patti,
Claws are better than human thumbs any day... I can re-sculpture backs of chairs, catch mice, climb walls, and... use them to discipline my human! Lots of activity today with that pile of lumber... it is not nearly so big now...! Photos of the result soon!

Hi Ang,
I like mystery!! I am reminded of the Tom Waits song, "What's He Building in There?" You are close with the "working, storing". I think that mostly it will find use for glazing and storage of bisqued pots. At the moment I do my throwing and glazing in the same small space, and my drying racks are cluttered up with bisqued and glazed pots..., most frustrating, so I hope that this will help solve it!
However.... there is Mooooore building going on!

Hi Angie,
thanks for letting me know.. Eeeeek, another technical hitch. I was trying out some blogging software, and it seems to have done something silly. Hopefully a new post, which I have just done, will sort things out again!

Pat - Arkansas said...

Hello, Ginger. Thanks for the update on your artists and the construction projects. I see that everyone has been quite busy since I last visited. How lovely that things like sheds come in ready-to-assemble kits, even if it does require a good bit of work.

I was sorry to read about the baby seal; I hope it can survive.

Peter, I had some difficulty reading the post about the tiles and glazes, etc., but what I read was interesting if a bit beyond my understanding. Blogger seems to be playing with your blog layout when it gets to that post. This one appeared in the regular format.

I did like the brown tiles, even if they were only experiments but, then, I am a "brown person."

Best wishes to all for a lovely autumn (strange to say that when we are just approaching summer.)

Peter said...

Hi Pat,
Thanks for your comment. Ginger passes on his appreciative salutations! Thanks for letting me know about the layout problems with my next post. Not sure if the blog layout "bug" that you mention was part of the wider ailment that brought Blogger "down" for a few days with technical difficulties? If you continue to notice strange things happening with my blog it is useful to hear about it, as it looks OK from this end.
Kind Thoughts, P