Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sweet clouds and clay.

I walk up the street to the bakery, and today the sky has clouds like marshmallows in it, they are large and cubic and I imagine their soft, sweet nothingness in my mouth.  A vast blue sky with sweet white clouds.

The girl at the bakery looks happy, and her dark eyes twinkle as she puts my bread roll into a bag.  I buy a little gooseberry tart as a treat.  The tart is placed in the bag like a shared secret.  Something to get me through the afternoon.  Tart and coffee.  I feel tired today.

Cars-pass-trucks-pass, cars-pass-trucks-pass.  Swoosh-Whoosh-Roar!  It is busy on the main road.  I wonder if the people in the little metal capsules notice the marshmallow clouds.  Are they thinking the sky is sweet?

I recycle clay this afternoon.  My heart is not in making things, but pressing clay together, earth to earth, feels constructive.

We have a visitor to the gallery, and I am delighted because she takes time to look.  She picks up pots, and turns them in her hands.  She looks in corners, and on lower shelves.

I look out the window and now the marshmallow clouds are dirty, thin and smeared.  Leaves fidget in an impatient breeze.

This morning I turned planter bottoms, and brushed white slip on a large pot, probably my tallest earthenware pot so far at 30 inches or so.  Now my drying shelves are congested with mugs, cups, bowls, planters, and large pots to glaze.  I need better storage.

*The photos are of some recent adventures of mine with making cups and mugs.  I have been testing cone 10 glazes recently, and am playing with trailed and sprigged decoration.  All are cone 10 stoneware fired in my electric kiln.


Michèle Hastings said...

a sweet story of your day... it made me smile.
be well.

Peter said...

Hi Michèle,
Sweet of you to mention it! Glad that the post made you smile.

Arkansas Patti said...

Lovely description of a pleasant day Peter. Hope your visitor bought something. How could she resist?
Love those beautiful cups but the mug really caught my eye. Guess I am basically a mug person.
Jules (Shine On) came by Wednesday to bring a loaf of Moon bread she had baked for my Thanksgiving and I proudly showed her my original Peter Gregory. She loved it and was just thrilled and delighted to actually hold your work.

Armelle Léon Bitterolf said...

I can feel the clouds under my teeth, lovely pots Peter.

Peter said...

Dear Patti,
Lovely to hear from you, and really nice to think of you and Jules and the original PG! Often think of you and wish that somehow we had been able to make the trip over to your part of the world.. so near and yet so far! My visitor "resisted" that time, but I hope she returns for a mug or a jug.
Kind thoughts to you and Jules, Pxx

Bonjour Armelle,
Good to hear from you. I wonder if you have marshmallow clouds in France too! :)

gz said...

Interesting mugs- you are having fun!
Thanks for the links to the Coromandel Arts and Crafts.
I've found a potter (Jenni) in Mutangi near Hamilton and she is having a wood firing on Wednesday. Also I've discovered Auckland studio potters....still a bit far away but should be good for a day out!!

Then there are the photos of Pohangina Pete....stunning! (but no mention of his work in clay).

All this, and there are plans afoot to visit South Island.......

Angie said...

I know exactly what you mean about 'marshmallow' clouds ...I do hope your tart was yummy.
Your cups and mugs are beautiful them all but there is something about the mug with the raised flower and the cup below it with the ochre-ish interior.
I hope your enegy returns soon ...I am no sure you have been 100% since you had all that ear trouble.Take care of yourself xx

Peter said...

Hi Gwenneth,

Glad that you are starting to make some pottery contacts. A wood firing sounds fun. Auckland Studio Potters are well worth a visit. I looked up Pohangia Pete after reading your comment, his photos are wonderful. I'll probably put a link to his site from mine soon.

Hello Angie,
Happy to report that the tart was very yummy, I think one of the best things our local bakery makes... so much like home made comfort food!
Glad you like the mugs and cups. The one with the ochre-ish interior really is very nice inside (even though I say it myself!).
You are right regarding my up and down energy levels... I can't hide anything from you!! :) We have some spring sunshine now which should help.
Hugs, P xx

Linda Starr said...

Oh I like the skirted cups, (the ones on the pedestals or whatever they might be called) they are super and the sprigs are great with the breaking glazes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter
I like the cups you made, and the angels.
The poetry accompanying the photos made for it all a pleasant and interesting read.
I had to gasp (yes, I did) when I caught sight of Laura's cat painting. The only two paintings I've done on a canvas have been of cats. The first one hangs on my wall, the second on Rhonda's. I like the first one best though.
I have nowhere near the talent that Laura has, but will continue to paint cats, all the same.
Hope you are doing well.

Peter said...

Hi Linda,

The skirted cups (and that's a nice description) were thrown on the wheel off a large hump of clay, rather like making tea bowls. They have a deep foot (the skirt). It has been fun playing with sprigs and with a slip trailer to add texture.

Hi Sue,
Laura sends greetings (and encouragement... "Do paint more cats! :)). Nice to hear from you and to think of you. It is lovely how the internet keeps us in touch.
Best Wishes from all of us here, P, L, and Felines 4 legged and painted!