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All is Revealed! Opening the Wood fired kiln.

A wood fired kiln is like a living thing when it is full of heat and there is a muffled roar of flame from somewhere deep in its belly. After the firing, when the firebox is sealed, and the kiln is left to cool, the living thing slips into a deepening sleep. This kiln is well insulated, and it takes many hours for the heat from the chamber to seep through to the outer wall of the kiln, and the following day it is pleasant to run a hand over the outside, and to feel that warmth, it is like brushing the flank of a huge cow or horse! Two days after the firing it is safe to slide open the chimney dampers and carefully pull a brick or two from the bricked up fire mouth, and maybe a spyhole brick from the chamber, to help air circulate. After a few hours of this, the door of the chamber can be unbricked, a few at a time, and as the gap in the chamber door widens, the potter gets a glimpse of the fired pots inside. I am sure that levels of anxiety go up measurably in any potter at this

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