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Clear glazes, slips and underglaze tests.

"Dog People" don't always realise this, but cats really love human companionship and like to be around us a great deal of the time. I set up a selection of newly glaze fired pots and glaze testers for a photo session, and I had barely started taking pictures when my 4 legged studio assistant arrived! Tiny, placed himself right in the middle of everything and enjoyed having his photo taken!   Some time later, I succeeded in taking photos of actual pots. The bottles and tiny glaze test bowls were an attempt to find a useful clear glaze that would work well over underglaze colours and slips at Cone 9, which is the maturing temperature of the clay body I am using. Clear glazes are often not as clear as what you might like them to be, and can be milky, or can adversely affect some colours. For instance chrome green can turn brown if it comes into contact with zinc. I realised that chromium oxide was probably used in the commercially available green underglaze that I had, so

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