Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bird Jug and Lily

Another bird jug popped up in the midst of doing other things and I have included photos of it freshly incised and slipped. The jug is a portly fellow, a bit like our native pigeons, and stands about a foot high. I have mostly been making coffee mugs over the last two or three days using the electric wheel. I don't use the electric wheel very often, but I am supposed to be demonstrating pottery at the end of the month at Gallery-On-Blueskin at Waitati, a town that is close to us, and will need to use the electric wheel there I think as it is easier for me to transport. If anything I am throwing too thinly these days, and had a few mugs collapse before I had fine tuned my "radar".

Laura took a photo of a spectacular Lily that is growing out in our garden. It might bring some sunshine to you folk in the Northern parts of the globe that are still dealing with snow.


Judy Shreve said...

Peter - what a fabulous jug - nice & fat! I love the texture & your handle is wonderful. How much clay do you start with to get it a foot tall. Mine were about 9" -- and it's nice to see lilies on a bright & sunny -warm- day!

Peter said...

Many thanks for your encouragement.
I think the jug is about 5 or 5 and a half pounds freshly thrown. I would really like to get them lighter, but I was ending up with spiralled heaps of clay when trying too hard the same day I threw that one.