Monday, April 13, 2009

A Kreativ Bloggers Award!

Peter's Pottery Blog was chosen for the Kreativ Blogger award by Blue Starr Gallery

I must say that when I read that Linda Starr had received an award for her blog, I was delighted as her blog is a real treat to visit, and through Linda's comments on other sites and her own blog, she encourages so many people. Linda's photos of her pottery, garden, studio, and the area in which she lives are also a joy and an inspiration. She has been a real help to me and to my wife Laura.

Hawksbury Lagoon, Waikouaiti, NZ

I was not sure of what a Kreativ Award was when I first read about it, but it was really special to be chosen by Linda for this award, and it is a lot to live up to in the best possible way.

Hawksbury Lagoon reflections

The Rules..
The rules of the award are to pass the Kreativ Blogger award on to five other blogs that you feel are deserving, and to let them know.

Toetoe plumes

Who did I pick?
The following five are my choices. I fear that my selection looks rather biased towards slip ware pottery, and I was tempted to add another stoneware potter to address the balance, especially as I do rather more stoneware myself than earthenware, but the five that I have chosen have been helpful to me in very real and meaningful ways as I have begun to reach out through blogging, and I would encourage you to visit them if you haven't done so yet.

I think the tree on the right is Ramarama (Lophomyrtus bullata)

Mountain House Studios
. Judy Shreve has worked for a long time with cone 6 stoneware, and is in the process of changing to earthenware. Judy posts really informative photographs of her processes and writes well about technical matters. Judy from time to time poses questions such as "What do you think of blue pots...?" and "what do you tell your customers? Do you put earthenware in the dishwasher?" which often result in interesting comments from the many potters that follow her blog. Judy was one of the first potters to leave comments on my blog, and I really value the support and encouragement that she has given me.

Kowhai (Sophora microphylla)

A Devonshire Pottery Doug Fitch works in a lovely part of Devon in the UK. He makes beautiful wood fired earthenware country pots with decoration in slip and applied sprigs of clay. His work breathes new life into a centuries old tradition of English slip ware pottery. He is really generous in sharing step by step photographs of the process of making the pots, giving good advice to those that ask for it, and documenting the life of a traditional potter in England. I have found his blog of great help technically, and his photos have helped me throw much better and larger pots. At times his blog makes me very homesick for England (I had my childhood there), with lovely photos of primroses, country lanes and bluebells.

I don't know my toadstools, but.. what a great shino glaze with feldspar eruptions!

Paul The Potter
Paul Jessop is a potter who returned to potting at the age of 46 after a gap of 25 years. A brave step, and he writes honestly about his ups and downs, successes and doubts. Paul also works in the English slip ware tradition and he makes lovely cuddly looking jugs (pitchers) and other domestic ware. You want to pour milk from the jugs, and have some nice soup in his bowls. Paul is most approachable through his blog. I find his blog helpful and well worth a visit.

Kohuhu (Pittosporum tenuifolium) with its sticky black seeds

The Gartdener Jimmy is an artist and a professional gardener. His blog is probably one of the most refreshing, poetic and beautiful that I have visited. Jimmy has studied horticulture in a number of places, which include Great Dixter in England, and the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens. He has recorded visits to England, Israel and various countries in Europe with photos of flowers, plants, buildings, sculpture, and landscape that give a great sense of place, and also affirm the wonder of being alive.

The seed pods of Harakeke (Phormium tenax) New Zealand Flax

Hannah McAndrew-slipware potter Hannah is a Scottish potter who makes lovely pots and decorates them with trailed slip ware. Hannah is creative in her approach to blogging, some times posting movie footage, she also writes well and has a bubbly sense of humour which can be a great lift to the spirits. Hannah writes of her good times and also of her battles with getting established as a potter. Hannah is building a wood fired kiln, and I will be watching the progress of that with great interest.

Reflections of Harakeke and fence posts

Please Pass it on!
You are all chosen by me as Kreativ Bloggers. I look forward to seeing which blogs you choose for an award.

Our neighbour's friendly goat.

The photos that accompany this post were all taken on a little walk we did yesterday evening in the last light of the day.


Jewels said...

Congratulations on the Kreativ Blogger Award Peter! Well deserved! It is heartening to see so many potters’ generosity in sharing their art and encouraging others. Thank you and Laura for your blogs - it is a joy to see your work in progress and images of New Zealand.

Peter said...

Thank you Jewels. P.