Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tall jugs at last!

I have been trying to throw some larger jugs. Results are most encouraging with 15 and a half, 16 and a half, and 17 and a half inch high jugs thrown so far.

The first two were with a mixture of earthenware, and heavily grogged earthenware clay, and the tallest (shown below with handle still to be attached) is made with my usual earthenware clay.

It is really my first venture into throwing and adding a doughnut of clay and throwing yet higher, and I am very appreciative of the kind folks out there in blogland that post such useful photos and technical information on their sites. Not quite as good as actually visiting someone's studio, but a whole lot better than trying to do things in isolation. So, thanks everyone!


Judy Shreve said...

Peter - these look great. I love the shape. What weight of clay did you start with? And then you just added a 2 # ring & continue throwing? Did you wait for the first part to dry somewhat?

Congrats! Blogging is such a good way to learn new tricks. I've learned so much & made new friends since I started blogging. It's a good thing.

Peter said...

Hi Judy, nice to hear from you. I think I started with a lump of about 5 pounds of clay. I threw it up fairly high, probably at least a foot or more, then used the electric hot air gun to dry the clay until it was steaming a bit, especially lower down (I avoided "gunning" the rim). Then I added a doughnut of clay, joined it well before throwing it higher. The tallest pot used two such coils.

I have finally finished glaze firing the bird jugs and some others that have been shown in the earlier stages on this blog, so I will post some photos of those very soon.

All the Best to you, P.