Friday, June 19, 2009

Wood firing all on today!

After an incredibly busy couple of weeks I managed to get the kiln loaded last night and began firing at 9.45am today after getting the door bricked up and wood ready. A couple of friends have dropped by so I'm able to send these few lines. At 3.30pm the kiln was at 600 degrees Centigrade. Laura at work today until after 6pm so this firing has been mostly on my own so far.... well, not quite... it has been supervised by Ginger the cat, who has kept an eye on proceedings, and even managed a couple of games with a length of string in between stokes.
The kiln is mostly full of small bowls, but there are also a dozen or so jugs, a couple of larger bowls and some vases, tea bowls, and goblets. Lots of copper red glazes this time (I hope!).

Must go and check progress. I'll update from time to time if I can!
Must dash... P.

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Linda Starr said...

Hope you have a great firing and some brilliant copper reds.