Monday, December 7, 2009

Laura's Birthday. We're not dead!

It is Laura's Birthday today so hope to be able to do something a bit special later on. I'm feeling like I've got really behind with the blog, not really time to catch up now, but thought I had better post something to show that we are not dead! Things have been busy and a bit of a muddle here. We actually managed to get up to Oamaru on Saturday and see my parents, I think it was our first actual day off in...... I just honestly don't know how long! Haven't managed to see mum and dad for ages, so it was wonderful being able to catch up.

Oamru is still a place where you might risk being run down by gentlefolk on penny farthing bicycles. You can also still buy decent clothing. It is splendid to see the growing number of people in the historic part of Oamaru who are keeping traditional crafts alive and giving the place a vibrant and exciting heart.

I have been potting away, and have recently been making pots and testers that I hope to try some crystal glazes on. I think it could be an appropriate use for the electric kiln to do some crystal glazes, so I will give it a go and keep you posted with progress (or lack of it!).
Fear not..., the wood firing ain't dead.... and I am also working towards another kiln load as well.

Things have been much more healthy lately in the sales front, and we have met some really lovely people through having our studio open more hours.

The extra hours do make things tricky with trying to get work done, and I am going to have to fight the tendency to do all the work things that we weren't able to do in the week on our one "day off" which is Saturday. So far I have mostly ended up working Saturday as well, but, a Saturday off is something to aim for anyway.

I am going to have to dash away now and slip some bowls that I made yesterday. Then it is away to town. I have a window display to do at the Potter's Co-op gallery and a meeting to go to there too.

I'll try and post something far more entertaining in the next day or two.

Best Wishes to you all, P.


Angie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURA ....21 is it ????.
I hope you have a great day when you get some time to enjoy it together. Your crystal glaze sounds interesting a non potter I wonder what it will be like.

Judy Shreve said...

happy birthday Laura!

Pat - Arkansas said...

Happy Birthday, Laura, and many happy returns of the day.
*The roses in your first photo, Peter, are gorgeous. They look like antique roses that I associate with one David Austin, who propagates and sells "old" roses which bear a hefty price tag.
*I haven't seen such a bicycle for years; no, I'm not that old as to have seen them in everyday use! I find them fascinating but don't see how anyone could have managed to stay upright on one.
*I'm glad to hear that sales have improved, as they should. The white pots and dishes are beautiful.
* I hope you enjoyed your well-earned day off, and had a lovely visit with your parents.

Sending best wishes.

Arkansas Patti said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURA. Hope you have only wonderful things planned for the day.
Those bikes always made me wonder how you got on one and started off. Stopping might be a similar problem.
Congrats on the sales improvement. Talent like cream will rise to the top.
We miss you but that it is because you are busy, is a great excuse.

Linda Starr said...

that's a whole lot of work Peter, I understand crystal glazes can run yikes good luck with your experiments and firings. happy birthday to Laura hope she has a great day. I love the roses, what are the names of those two? Are they fragrant? they are like crepe paper, just lovely.

the first photography of your pottery is just beautiful, suitable for framing. for a minute I thought it was someone else's white porcelain ware.

Oamaru sounds like a great place to visit. I love towns that retain their history and traditions.

Peter said...

Thank you very much everyone for the birthday salutations. Peter made me one of his wonderful creative birthday cards of which I have quite a collection now!

The roses are gorgeous at the moment and I feel so lucky to have a beautiful flowering jungle. The rose on the left is a Gallica rose "Charles de Mills", and the one on the right is "Village Maid" (I think it is a centifolia rose). Both bushes are growing on their own roots, being cuttings I took from my original bushes that I bought which were grafted onto rootstock.

They are growing as though they mean to take over the world. They suit our country garden. I so enjoy seeing other folks gardens through their blogs. Thank you!


PS I've forgotten my gmail account details so am having to post as Peter this time!

Peter said...

Hi everyone, thanks for your encouraging comments and thanks for your birthday greetings for Laura, I know it helped make the day more birthday-like and more cheerful for her.

Crystal glazes... I do question my own sanity as to even contemplating giving them a go, but... I have spent quite a few hours today mixing up some trial glazes to do a test later this week. I'll certainly keep you posted as to how things go.

Patti, I'm not sure that being busy is a really good excuse for not being in touch with people, I actually hate it that I seem to be always digging through a mountain of "stuff" that demands to be done "yesterday" and the people I care about don't get the time and attention that they should. It would be nice to get life better balanced some how. I do really miss you too!

A bit tired tonight so I'd better sign off for now, but I'll do another post in the next few days.

Best Wishes to you all, Peter

Armelle said...

Hiiiiiiiii......Peter,Laura, happy birthday to you laura.
So it's so nice to see those beautiful roses, they seems wild roses as I have some in my garden.

I really enjoy that the sales front goes well for the gallery and nice people meeting. When I use translation, sometimes it doesnt means anything, and I prefer to read in english even if I dont understand. Hope you understand what I say.

I enjoy to see the penny farthing bicycles, here it's not possible to see them anymore, perhaps in a circus !!!
Forms (shapes ?)of your pots are beautiful, very classics and simply elegant (simple elegance). I love the vase with a small opening. Are there earthenware ?
I guess the birds are for the wood-firing.

So bye bye see you next time, best wishes;

Jewels said...

Laura - Happy Birthday (though a little late)! Really neat that Peter made a special birthday card for you! Your roses are gorgeous and such a treat to see as everything is brown here now. Best wishes to you both!

Peter said...

Hiiii Armelle!
Lovely to hear from you. Thank you for your birthday greetings for Laura and for your kind words about my pots. Most of the pots that are in the photograph are made out of a white clay that is rather like porcelain when it is fired to about 1250 degrees Centigrade. The birds and the two jugs are earthenware. I hope to use some of the vases for crystal glazes. I have fired the electric kiln today with my first crystal glaze tests.

I think your English is good, and it is easy to understand.

Hi Jewels, I have passed on your birthday greetings to Laura and she is delighted to hear from you. Lovely to read on your site that you have had your first bisque firing of your kiln in your new studio. Progress... What fun!