Monday, October 11, 2010

More from the Portage

Stephen Bowers, Judge of the 2010 Portage Awards

A general view of part of the Portage exhibition. In the foreground is
Mr & Mrs Kahu & Ms Falconer
, by Anna Chrichton

Some Things For The Making, by Kate Fitzharris

Same Same (detail), by Meiling Lee

Song of Life, by Grancy Fu

Lucent Spirit Vessels, by Cate Pates

Fertility Vessel, by Greg Barron

Co-operation, by Simon Leong

Dazagama Big Vase, by Darryl Frost

Secrets A Jar (detail), by Kirsty Gardiner

Occupational Hazard (detail), by Rebecca Shawyer

Solar Storm (detail), by Todd Douglas

Pottery is a Mug's Game (detail), by Paul Maseyk

This is really just a quick "Portage part 2" with some extra photos that I took at the Portage Ceramics Awards at Lopdell House. I have also included detail photos of some of the work that was in my previous post. It would have been a nice touch to have also given sizes, medium, and who had won what award with this post (apologies to those whose work I have featured for not doing this), but I hope that the photos give a little taste of the exhibition, and that those of you that can, will visit it, or try to get hold of the excellent exhibition catalogue if you live further away. To give some indication of the range of scale, it might be helpful to say that the "Spirit Lucent Vessels" by Cate Pates are very small, exquisite works of between 6 and 9 centimetres high, and that "occupational hazard" by Rebecca Shawyer is about 1.4 metres tall.


Rebecca Shawyer said...

Peter I also thought your friends might be interested to know that in the front of the catalogue they said that next year they are hoping to take the exhibition to the Suter Gallery in Nelson and if that is successful in future years on a more extended tour of the country.

Peter said...

Yipppeeee! That is good news Rebecca, it will be really great if Portage is able to go to South Island as well (as long as Lopdell House still has it too!). I'm wishing that I had plucked up sufficient courage to have spoken to you at the Gallery on Friday (I'm not the best at just bowling up to people), it would have been really interesting to have talked more about what you do. If you are ever down Dunedin way, a cup of tea will be gladly offered!
Best Wishes, P.

Rebecca said...

Thanks Peter, the same goes if you come up to the very Far North.
We may even meet again at another Portage event.
It was actually my third attempt to get in and I have no idea if that will ever happen again. I will be trying anyway.
My website address is if you wanted to have a peek, it will give you an idea of what I do, but I am happy to answer any questions as well of course. The video is old now, and I take the photographs so they are not perfect but I am getting better. I will add a few new works this week, including the one with fur attached. As you will see I can't afford to do major works each time, I wish I could. My Ancient Creature on my newsletter page is akin to Occupational Hazard though. My last Portage entries that didn't get accepted are there as well. Last year was 'It's never too late to have a Happy Childhood' and the year before was 'The Mardi Gras Boys'. The Boys are very tall and detailed, hard to see in the photo's.
I want to look at the Art your wife does as well as yours, it looks amazing so far, but my computer is on the blink, the whole screen has neon lines flashing down the screen. Hopefully it can be fixed, but since I only have a motorbike I will need to wait until this freezing weather passes to take it in. Our high was only 14 today! Probably slightly warmer than what you had.
Best regards Rebecca.
p.s I noticed a conversation you had about how people need to be educated in what a good pot is. I would really love to know if you get a chance sometime.

Dad said...

Thanks Peter for your very informative and eye-opening comments and on the Portage exhibition.

It seems that there are other worlds out there!

I hope you have time in Wtn to get a feel for the ceramic scene there, as well as being able to catch up with acquaintances.

Angie said...

Just had a catch up of your last two posts what an amazing exhibition the 'mugs game' ...and the solar storm ...and secrets jar most of them ...thanks for the tour.

Peter said...

Thanks for the extra information Rebecca, and for your web address, I'll hop across to your website and have a look.

Hello Dad, Good to hear from you. I've just arrived in Wellington and have installed myself in the backpackers after a long day on the train from Te Kuiti. Actually, the train journey is stunning now, and well worth the time, but am very tired.

Hello Angie,
Lovely to hear from you, glad you enjoyed the "tour".