Monday, November 29, 2010

Excellent Firing! Sometimes crystals are fun!

Mostly pictures this time, I have been tired today. Earlier on I did attempt to read a few paragraphs of a book about the physicist, Stephen Hawking, but fell deeply asleep whilst drinking strong coffee and thinking about Einstein's theory of general relativity.

If light is energy, and mass and energy are equivalent, and can be effected by gravity (or is that affected by gravity??)..., how much does my reflection weigh....?

I had a very strange few moments when I woke up again, as I had very little idea of what day it was, or even what time of day it might be. My only clue to the passage of time was a now cold cup of coffee, still held firmly in one hand. My missing chunk of time was curiously like some of the brain teasers that Einstein's theory spawned.

I was delighted with the results of the firing that I started late Thursday evening and finished Friday afternoon. I made some changes to my firing schedule as a result of the bad firing that I had the time before, and .... got things right this time! I also used alumina that I calcined myself on the glaze catchers and stands, and had much more success in that department too.

I re-fired three of the pots from the previous bad firing, just to see what would happen. The one below was a frustrating pot that I almost kept, but I just did not like the crystals, which were too large and not a very nice colour. I did not add anymore glaze, but just went with what was on the pot.

after the first firing.....

Re-firing it transformed the pot into something far more interesting. I like the small crystals with their pale inner rings.

same pot after the second firing......

Another pot that worked out well when given a second firing was the one below.

horrid pots from the bad firing!

The pot was captured by this photo after its first firing, seen at the back on the left.

I made this little pot on my kick wheel when I had the visit from Wilson and Marti from Dunedin, Florida.

Mr Button

I was thinking of Isaac Button, the wonderful English Country potter who was filmed in the 196os when I made this pot. Maybe some of you who have seen the film of him making a big pot, will know what I mean.

A dreamy, misty pot.

A mirror.

experimental... and slightly odd!

I tried an experiment with glazing this one. I just wanted crystals on one side. If you turn the pot around, it just is iron brown around the other two thirds of it. A bit odd really, but I do like to try these things!

This is a really pretty one.


I like the simplicity of this form with a white crystal glaze and few crystals.

I like to experiment with the neck of a pot. How this is finished gives so much life, character, or feeling to a pot.

I like to glaze the top of a rim thickly, if the rim is flattish, so that a pool of glaze forms.

Some of you might like to have a look at a little extension of this blog that I am constructing. It is a web gallery of my pots that you will find if you go to the photo link at the top right of the blog page, or follow the link here, My Pottery Gallery.

The gallery is not at all complete, as yet, but I am adding things to it fairly frequently, and intend to build up a visual record of my firings. Later I hope to add some helpful technical stuff. I may also add a pots for sale page.


Tracey Broome said...

The crystals on the pots are so magical aren't they? You would enjoy meeting my daughter, she is a big fan of Steven Hawking and Einstein!

cookingwithgas said...

oh Peter I know about falling asleep while you are doing something else- I have done it holding the mouse of the small computer! What- where- Oh....
The re fired pots are very interesting- I bet that is a real help to know they are not a loss.
There are people here who are traveling to have things done as well- but in your case flying to have your ears fixed might not work!

Arkansas Patti said...

Just amazing pots Peter and it was so cool seeing you pearing out of them like a trapped Genie. Neat photos.
Steven Hawking is an amazing man.

cindy shake said...

Wow! I've not seen crystal glazes in such beautiful, natural earth tones. I really like them. They remind me of lichen or even burlwood grain. Very interesting making each one even more unique!

Jewels said...

Your crystal glazing results keep getting better! Lots of oohing and ahhing here! I didn’t know you could get better results re-firing a piece – I will have to try that. I really like the smaller crystals they formed after the second firing! The contrasting dark rim on the kick wheel vase is very pleasing too! Always a treat to see your work – thank you for sharing!

Angie said...

Had to laugh over you falling asleep over the book.
Wonderful crystal patterns ... love the second firings. Take Care xx

jim said...

sometimes you brain just knows that you would comprehend what you're reading better if you were unconscious. would have been nice if mr. einstein had been a potter

Art Ulene said...

Hi Peter,
Your little crystal pots are amazing! It's quite a switch from woodfiring to electric crystal stuff, but you have made the jump with great results.
I have added your blog to Simon Levin's wikiclay, so that many others may discover your talent.:

I saw your comment on Tracey Broome's blog about pots being "spat out of a volcano." If that is what you like, then you must see Rob Sieminskis pots:

Keep firing!

Pat - Arkansas said...

Beautiful, beautiful!!

I fully understand missing chunks of time -- happens to me quite often.

srgb said...

Hi Peter
It looks like you are on a roll Peter, pots are just great, Keep a hold of that coffee Einstein was correct and while I wouldn't want to see your reflection slip, keep a hold of the pots too.

Great reading love the blog

Peter said...

Dear All,
I feel bad not replying to each of you this time, but... some long days happening here, and I have just been too tired to do anything much in the evening after the day in the studio. Sounds feeble of me I know..., but I fire up the computer with all sorts of good intentions but my eyes just sort of glaze over... I actually did about 12 hours on the wheel today.. A bit silly really, but I did make some progress.

Anyway, thank you so much for your comments, it is kind of you to take the time to write, and it is always nice to hear from you.

A special welcome to Art Ulene. Thank you for putting me on the wikiclay. I popped over and had a look, and I must put a link to it from this site, it is certainly a useful place to find links to potter's sites and other information.
Thank you too for the link to Rob Sieminskis pots. I really enjoyed having a look. I like the way he is using fire to decorate his work, some fabulous things there.

Hi Bob, really good to hear from you, especially as you have been very much in my thoughts of late and I have been meaning to get in touch. Your blog has been quite, and I was hoping all was well with you. I had been looking for an Email address for you, I'm sure I got it from you when I saw you in Auckland, but can't remember where I wrote it down....

I note that several of you are familiar with the falling asleep thing, and missing chunks of time, ...

I'm going to have to totter off and go to bed now, as I am desperate for some sleep... and sleep of a better quality than that achieved sitting upright with a cup of coffee!

Kind thoughts to you all,


Armelle said...

I am so late, sorry, love the mirror..............;-)so much and still the white one.
Courage !!! and best wishes................