Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cups, Cups, Cups, Antiques and Collectibles

I have been making cups.  These were all "thrown off the hump" from the same large lump of clay.  I made them as individuals, rather than aiming to be a set, but I have kept the handles a similar style, so that they do look like a "family gathering" when on the table together rather than a group of total strangers.

I quite like these handles, it is the first time I have made handles this way.

I finished some teapots.  Probably the most "salable" of them unfortunately has a drying crack that showed up in the bisque firing, and is not really structural, but... so it will end up in our kitchen I guess!

Annoying drying crack at the attachment of the handle.  This fine white clay is very unforgiving when it comes to attaching handles and cannot tolerate much stress as it dries.  It is best if the handle and the pot have a similar moisture content when they are joined so that shrinkage is similar.  And, yes I did dry things slowly under plastic for the first couple of days... 
This one worked OK.
It was a busy and muddled two week period in between the A and P show that I reported about in my last post, and the Waikouaiti Antiques and Collectibles show that we attended last Saturday.  I unloaded a full kiln of new work really early on the morning of the show (sometime between 4 and 5am), and Laura did a wonderful job of setting up a nice display and doing most of the talking to people and selling.  Whilst our actual numbers of sales were almost the same as they had been at the A and P show, the value of them was much more healthy, due to two of the higher priced items selling, so it was worth us taking part.  Laura thought we should have a table, so we did, and she was right!

There was a lot for people to see, old clocks, china, woolen hats, second hand clothing, children's toys, porcelain dolls, paintings, pottery, metal sculpture, pencil drawings, furniture, old books, buttons, and appliances.  The hall was bright and warm inside, whilst outside it was a grey and rainy day, and it was probably nice for people to have something to go out to on a day like that.

I walked around with a camera and intended to take some stills of our table... unfortunately I forgot, and shot a movie only.  I have rescued these from the movie, and apologize for the blurry quality!  Laura did a lovely arrangement of flowers to brighten up the table, and the little selection of "stills" ends with a photo of a painting by Laura that she sold on the day.

To give you some idea of numbers involved in a local event, I can say that by 3 in the afternoon the person selling tickets at the door of the Antiques and Collectibles show told me (with some excitement) that they had given out just over 200.  I have heard other estimates that 400 people attended.  Possibly the higher figure was arrived at from a tally of the number of scones consumed.  The ticket price included "Devonshire tea" (which translates to a cup of tea or coffee and a scone).  In the village hall kitchen the people preparing scones were kept very busy indeed, and had to send volunteers home to do emergency baking to avoid running out of them.


Linda Starr said...

your table looks super, congrats on all the sales, lovely colors your have achieved, all the shows I am at the food vendors always make a lot of money Ha, gotta eat I guess.

Angie said...

Great stall ...laura did well ...so glad it was worth your while attending ...like the idea of the tea included.

I LOVE the cups ...the last one is my favoutie shape wise and the first ones colours are amazing....and the tea pots ...wow.
I am so glad Laura had a sale too ...no wonder ...that is a gorgeous piece.xx

Peter said...

Hi Linda and Angie,
Good to hear from you both. Thanks for the encouragement.

Angie, tea included in the ticket price is a good idea really, and it does encourage people to stay at the event for a longer time; all that refreshment brings back some stamina! The proceeds from the ticket sales are a fund raiser for the local Presbyterian church, and the scones baked by the Evening Fellowship ladies. A big effort by them putting all that together.

Linda, I don't know why it is that we potters keep on producing pots whilst knowing that it is fresh bread, jam and cake that really sells!! Good that we do though, plates, bowls, and mugs do make it easier for people to eat all the edible stuff that they buy!!

gz said...

Looks like you had a good time!

Remember with the cup handles- when making them, look at the space, not the handle....

Peter said...

Hi Gwynneth,

"Looking at the space" is good advice. Just peering out the window as I write this and wishing we could see space (of a slightly different kind!), all grey, wet, and dismal out there. I chatted to two Canadian tourists earlier in the week who indicated that Canada had been warmer than this part of NZ when they set off South to enjoy our summer! They were all wrapped up in their winter clothes! I'm off to make more cups and to peer at spaces! P.

Lori Leaumont said...

What a cool idea to offer coffee or tea to craft fair patrons. I've often thought about serving freshly brewed tea to people who bought my cups, but I was never sure how that would work.

I wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying your blog. The post on glaze colors was really helpful! I featured you on my blog, I hope you don't mind. http://15paintedcups.blogspot.com/2012/02/blogs-i-love.html
Thanks for sharing your lovely work!

Peter said...

Hi Lori,
Welcome to my blog, it is nice to hear from you and I am glad that you are finding the blog helpful. That is nice of you to feature my blog on yours, and it is much appreciated.

Coffee or tea is a great idea really, as it does keep people around at the event for a longer time, and also gives them a time to rest and build up a bit of stamina for viewing some more of the work that is on show.

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