Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lawrence Summer Arts Festival

Dear All,
I have fired 3 glaze firings and one bisque firing so far this week, and there has been no time really to update the blog.  We are counting down to Lawrence Summer Arts Festival that will be taking place this weekend.  I will be there in a huge tent beside the main street with my potter's wheel and lots of new work, and Laura will have some of her paintings on show too.

A new teapot under construction... note the frilly middle!!
For those of you who have no idea where the town of Lawrence is, do have a look on Google Earth; just type in the magical words, "Lawrence NZ" and Google will whirl the globe around and speed you on a voyage of discovery to a little collection of buildings and streets that is nestled amongst the hills and pastures somewhere between Dunedin and Queenstown.  The area looks very green and somewhat hilly on Google Earth, and rather isolated.  And it is!  Lawrence (population 474 according to the 2001 census) is right alongside Gabriel's Gully which was the site of an 1860s gold rush that had people from all over the world descending on the place like locusts.

These days Lawrence is still far enough from anywhere to have to stand on its own feet and make its own entertainment!

We are hoping that people descend on Lawrence again this weekend to enjoy the art and craft and music that will be on show there.

Here is a link to the Lawrence Arts Festival website for more information.

I'll have to finish here as am desperately needing to switch off the computer and get some rest.  Hopefully some photos of the Festival and some new pottery will appear here in a few days.

Best Wishes. P.


Linda Starr said...

Oh I need a fix of some pots and festivals, looking forward to those, hope you get some rest, and do well at the festival, gold rush reminds me of California.

Peter said...

Hi Linda,

I'll see what I can do! Hopefully should be an action packed weekend. Px

Angie said...

Sounds as though you are working so hard ....hope you have a great weekend.xx

Peter said...

Thanks Angie,
progressively unloading a kiln at the moment with pots for the weekend, I'll be packing them when they are still slightly warm! Pxx

smartcat said...

What is this summer thing you speak of? We are freezing here in the north-east!
Toes crossed for excellent sales. It sounds like a good one!