Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Winter is Knocking at the Gate

mourning, keening
winter stands knocking

dancing, fluttering
yellow falling leaves

sanguine berries
parched brown stems

crowning thorns
an intimation of

Autumn. There are hints of summer past. The sun attempts to warm, but does not climb high enough. 

Green leaves hang in sheltered spots, and on the great pretenders, the evergreens! 

But there is a rustling, a yellowing, an exposing of structures. Of bones. 

Leaves drop and crunch underfoot. Clothes stay damp on the washing line for days at a time. Days shorten, and stars are brighter in the night sky, and appear to hang nearer, like diamanté spiders lowering on invisible webs.

Between seasons, summer and winter, is an unease. A regret of summer lost, and a fear of short days and cold.

Nature's song, her heart's cry, is played in a minor key. We are past the bustle and huff of the first movement, and slide into a Larghetto, with a haunting melody line played on a clarinet.

It is a time to tidy up. To repair, and batten down. A time to feast on the last of the tomatoes and pears, and to make sure that the pantry is well stocked.

Winter stands knocking at the gate, and rattling the windows. We may have to let him in.


Angie said...

We are trying to send him on his way ....he really should have left, leaving Spring to do her thing and await, hopefully, Summer in a month or so.
What a poetic post ...really enjoyed it. xx

cookingwithgas said...

Hi Peter, I hope you and your back have worked something out. Once you pass the mark that you and I are at, life and bones, muscles are less forgiving and must be gently talked back into action.

We are watching the loveliness of spring here, I don't envy your winter coming.
Best- those pots look wonderful as usual.
The beach does suit them well.

gz said...

It seems loth to leave us here in Scotland!!

Michèle Hastings said...

beautifully written.

Peter said...

Dear Angie, Meredith, Gwynneth, and Michele, it is good to hear from you, thank you for your comments. It certainly is the turning of the seasons here, and some changes happening for us too. Meredith, regarding the back, I may as well be honest and say that things are difficult. The back itself doesn't feel too bad now if I take care, but I have a lot of referred leg pain especially towards the end of each day, and I have found working almost impossible, I'll be seeing the doctor today.
Anyway kind thoughts to all of you. Pxx

Arkansas Patti said...

Ah ha, the gentleman waxes quite eloquently about the seasons. I know our seasons are reversed in my head but I am always a bit startled to hear you are anticipating winter as we are looking squarely at summer. 90 F today.
So sorry to read you are having back problems. I do hope you find relief.

Teresa Evangeline/Bayou Summer said...

This is absolutely wonderful. What beautiful imagery and the words! Oh, the words! Just glorious. Really. I love "Nature's song ... played in a minor key..." Very, very nice.

Amy said...

not only are you an artist, you're a writer. well said. good to know someone else on the other side of the world- who is in the approaching winter season- summer here.

Peter said...

Thank you Patti,Teresa, and Amy,
Glad you enjoyed the post. The change of seasons is an interesting time, and our end of summer with winter on its way often has me wanting to write or paint to mark the occasion. As you will know from the next post, we were overtaken by sad times, but such is winter! Anyway kind thoughts to you. Pxxx