Tuesday, August 12, 2014

More from the exhibition at Olveston

Our friends, Rhonda and Mark, went on a Special Operation for me yesterday with their cameras, and took photos of the exhibition at Olveston for me to use on the blog. So, before anything else...., a big thank you to them for the photos!

Rhonda and Mark enjoyed their visit to the show, and had a nice chat with Ruth Arnison, Olveston's poet in residence!

From the photos they took, I can imagine that R and M had fun walking around the gravel paths, and peeping at Olveston from all angles!

 There is a lovely old car in a shed out the back...

And the glass house makes you think that you are in the tropics, even though it is the middle of winter in Dunedin!

This is a bit blurry, but it shows Rhonda making her covert entry to the laundry drying room at Olveston, where the exhibition is!

The basement room is an interesting place for an exhibition. The brick pillars and the many corners probably make for challenges with light, but they do provide places where individual works can be showcased. I like the fact that you cannot see all the work at once from one place, and you have to move around the room and make discoveries.

I see that Mark and Rhonda must have loved this sculpture by Annie Lambourne. I also kept coming back to it at the opening and enjoying it. If you look carefully, you will see that the little bird has forks for legs, and other kitchen utensils have been adapted to make

And here are some of mine... I enjoyed seeing my pots in different surroundings from the studio. The deep window ledges, white window frames, and the "wobbly" panes of glass made a good setting for the pots. It was easier to imagine the pots in someone's home.

These two pots of mine have crystalline glazes that have had an extra firing in a reduction atmosphere, which changed them from being green to red, pink and grey!

Laura has been enjoying using coloured pencils lately. This is the picture that she did for the Olveston exhibition, it is called "A mask for a Poet In Residence", Laura has used ink and coloured pencils for this. There are many references in the picture to Olveston, and to the Poet in Residence! I wonder if you can discover some of them?

For more images from the exhibition, and information about individual artists that are taking part in it, do visit http://olveston.wordpress.com/


Linda Starr said...

Oh Peter I love the way the two pots turned after the second firing, what a great exhibit and I must go back and inspect Laura's piece to see all the poetic references; I am sure to miss many. Ha.

Linda Starr said...

the word verification showed a flower and said type the text I typed in rose and it was correct. Ha.

Melissa Rohrer said...

We are working on a poetry/art show here. There is no waiting room tie-in but I will mention that to the writers.

Arkansas Patti said...

That was a perfect setting for your gorgeous pot. You do such beautiful work. As much as I love your pots, I really, really like Laura's unique art work also. You are both so talented.
I am always surprised when you mention Winter and to see tomorrow's date on the comments. You would think I would learn.

Peter said...

Hi Linda,
The "flower"/"rose" word verification thing is funny. From time to time that word verification device does show almost disturbing signs of intelligence!
It is always rewarding to spend some time with Laura's paintings, they have all sorts of mysteries contained within!

Hi Melissa,
It is nice to hear that there is a poetry/art show happening in your part of the world. It has been fascinating to see how the writing and visual arts can compliment one another. You may like to direct the writers to Ruth Arnison's poems in the waiting room website where there is more infomation about what she does. http://waitingroompoems.wordpress.com

Hi Patti,
Good to hear from you. I think you would have enjoyed the opening event at the Olveston exhibition, a really interesting and nice group of people there. Thank you as always for the encouragement for us both, it is much appreciated. It snowed the day after the opening at Olveston!

Peter said...

I have been getting "oops errors" when trying to comment on my own site. It took me 5 attempts to put my previous comment. Apologies to other people if they have been having difficulty too.

Melissa Rohrer said...

Thanks Peter, I will pass that link along to the writers.

Armelle Léon said...

Bonsoir Peter,

Lovely photos Peter, I like your red crystalline pot, very well in the surrounding green walls. How amazing this old house with the bow windows, so British yes ? The glass house is wonderful.
Great painting from Laura and so mysterious.

Peter said...

Bonjour Armelle,
Good to hear from you. It has been fun having our work at Olveston, there are very few houses like it in our part of the world. A lovely sunny day here today (le soleil brille!!). It can be beautiful in winter, but we also had snow on Monday, and some on Thursday this week!

Michèle Hastings said...

What a beautiful building and surroundings. A perfect setting for art. I love the "old car" in a "shed"!

Peter said...

Hi Michèle,
Glad you enjoyed the "old car in a shed"! I had fun at Olveston, it is a really nice place, and I only regret that I was unable to arrive in a Rolls Royce, or something powered by steam!

Sue said...

Hi Peter and Laura,
I'm pleased it went so well. Your pots looked great there, particularly in the deep window recess.
I like Laura's picture. Its so unique and positively intriguing.
Amazing photos Mark and Rhonda.

Peter said...

Hi Sue,
Lovely to hear from you. It was really good of Rhonda and Mark to take photos for me to use, they are my secret service eyes and ears! Px

Jo H said...

Hello Peter,
sorry I didn't get to the exhibition, but it looked interesting from the photos. Olveton is such a lovely venue, and what a good idea to rub the different art forms against each other to see what develops...Especially loved your crystalline, as always...
Regards to Laura,
Jo xx
(Are you putting something in the woodfiring at art school on the 12th? I thought I might put one of my dogs in if poss)

Peter said...

Hello Jo,
Lovely to hear from you on the blog! I'm not sure that I will manage the wood firing at the art school unfortunately, but I haven't forgotten it! I had been meaning to get in touch with you regarding the dogs... We might manage something here for you sometime too. Pxx