Friday, August 28, 2020

"Share a Cuppa" goes live today 28 August at 2pm (NZ time)... And an update already by 9 in the evening!

 9pm ... An update already!

The event was so successful that, after going live at 2pm today, the last cup had found a home by 6 in the evening! 225 items were sold which was a wonderful result! It does make the rest of this post rather old news even though I posted it this very morning..., but I will leave it up as a thank you to those who made the event possible.


We are live today at 2pm! Choose a cup to say thank you to your support hero this year! Share a Cuppa features the work of over 40 studio potters from across Aotearoa. This collection is exclusively available in our Felt shop for the cost of postage and packaging on the 28, 29 and 30th of August. It come beautifully wrapped in a gift set with tea, chockies and a thank you card.

From 2pm 28-31.8.2020
The very special hand made cups are available in gift sets with a locally blended tea, artisan chocolates and a thank you card.


In my 19 July blog post I mentioned that I was making cups that would be part of an online exhibition that would be taking place soon, well ... it is going live this afternoon at 2pm! The event will be on Felt, which is a New Zealand based online marketplace for hand made goods. This link should take you there!

I was delighted to be invited to take part in the Share a Cuppa event, and really appreciate the hard work of the people that have organised it. The event was conceived in the dark and troubled days of the level 4 lockdown that we had earlier in the year because of Covid-19. At that time no one really knew if New Zealand would be overwhelmed by the virus or if the lockdown would prove successful. Many creative people lost their income as galleries and markets closed, and tourism dried up, and this event was a way of offering some hope to those of us who were able to still produce a little work in our studios, and also a way to make something really nice that could later be gifted to the special people that have helped so many of us in this difficult time. 

The cups will become part of gift sets that include tea, chocolates and a thank you card. Support from Creative New Zealand has helped make it possible for the gift sets to be available on Felt for just the cost of postage and packing! These will make an ideal gift to send to the special people in your life who may have encouraged you and cared for you through the difficult time of Covid-19.


After 2pm today (28 August) Do take a look at


smartcat said...

What a terrific event.
Singing and dancing on the other side of the world to celebrate your success.

Barbara Rogers said...

Great news...thanks for updating for us over here in the US!~

Peter said...

Hi Smartcat and Barbara,
Really nice to hear from you both. It is very good to be able to sing and dance about something! Here in NZ we also have the delight of having a garden that is starting to feel the effects of Spring, so there is colour and warmth to help lift the spirits.
Very kind thoughts to you both,


gz said...

Good news, and heartening to see people working together.
You have Spring! were have Autumn already

Peter said...

Hi Gwynneth,
Lovely to hear from you. Our very best wishes to you and the Pirate! :-) P&Lxx

angela walford said...

hiya Pete, It seems I am late to the party!!! How are you? great to see you are still in my reading column :D chat soon , cheers ang

Peter said...

Gidday Angela,

Very nice to hear from you :-)
I rather neglected the blog over the last few years, but it is lovely to catch up with people again now that I am making the occasional post!

Wishing you all the best, and that you keep safe and well.


gz said...

Hope you are enjoying Spring, although I hear that you have had some chilly blasts too!!

Peter said...

Hello Gwynneth,
Yes Spring has been entertaining! This season we have ranged from 3 degrees to about 25 degrees maximum temperatures depending which way the wind blows, but it has stabilized somewhat and the general feeling is that Summer is not far away! :-)